Digital consultancy

Digitize Consulting was created in 2017 out of a previous business Richard has been running for a number of years, Cross Atlantic Sales.

Digital Consultancy

Over the past 15 years, in between full time roles at Sonus Networks, Genband and Metaswitch, Richard has built a successful consulting sales and business development business helping a range of companies develop their business across Europe.

This has been achieved through managing a growing network of business contacts at all levels of potential customers and positioning a range of solutions to meet current and future market requirements.

Before that he had full time roles at start ups, ilotron (Optical switching) and PhotonEx (Optical Transmission), and large companies GEC Plessey Telecom and Alcatel, successfully positioning early core broadband networks and pioneering broadband Britain with the first ADSL deployments with BT using Alcatel DSLAM’s.

Again, building on the wide range of solutions Richard has had exposure to over the 26 years he has been selling in telecoms, Digitize Consulting is able to position software, applications and technology across a range of networks providing value for both his customer as well as the end user customer.

The Technology

The technology I represent as a consultant depends on the company I am representing and as you will see from the case study’s below, can vary from access hardware and software all the way through to software only solutions running in virtualised environments in the cloud. As communication service providers take on the challenge of NFV and SDN and opportunities enabled by new software based solutions, the key focus is on how any new solution they may look at will help reduce capital expenditure, reduce operational expenditure or drive new business to the top line through new products and services that their customers can adopt as significant solutions for their businesses.

The range of solutions

  • VoIP applications
  • Optical access
  • Optical networking
  • OSS/BSS for Wholesale Voice
  • OSS for IP and Optical networks
  • Unified Communications
  • Network security – single and multi-layer
  • Data Centre Cooling
  • Interactive mapping tools for managed services, towns and campus environments
  • Core Routing solutions
  • End to end Ethernet OSS and orchestration
  • Network assurance solutions
  • Anti Fraud solutions for voice networks
  • Mobile networking solutions for Tier 1 and MVNO operators

Case Studies

Solution: NetworkMining is a specialist supplier of IP and optical network mediation software. Our software optimizes capital expenditure in IP and optical networks and improves productivity of transport network engineering and operations. It delivers network resource inventory, database, virtualisation for legacy inventory management systems, delivery of enterprise Ethernet access, planned maintenance of bibre networks, IP and optical networks, IP and Optical network cost allocation and SDH End-Of-Life management.

Target Customers: Fixed and mobile carriers, ISP’s, partners and channels.

Success Factors: Delivering $500k new opportunities in 2017

Delivered: Customer meetings and engagements with a range of operators. Proposals for development. Currently Working on finalising two proposals with customers

Solution: A new way to cool the IT load in a data center. Immersion4 uses immersion cooling techniques in a range of form factors to meet customer needs. Significantly reduces the capex and opex costs of building and operating data centers through targeted cooling of the IT load rather than cooling the entire data centre.

There is no need for raised flooring, high ceilings, specialist cooling requirements, fire suppression. Provides a PUE of 1.06 which enables a data center operator to significantly reduce its power costs year after year and therefore enabling greater profitability or more cost effective solutions for its customers. Due to the range of sizes of cooling capability, Immersion4 is an ideal solution for distributed compute an storage capability to support widespread IoT and 5G deployments and applications.

Target Customers: Data Center Operators and Suppliers

Success Factors:  Creating awareness amongst DC operators of the solution Sales of Immersion4 solutions to the market

Delivered: Work in progress but have had meetings with prospective customers and working via networking and partners to open up the market for this solution.

Solution: Smart Networked Environments specialise in the development and application of location-based services for connected spaces.

Based on our innovative WAI2Go platform, we provide smart indoor mapping solutions that provide step-by-step navigation and feature-rich information services for use on web, kiosks and smartphones. Coupled with a powerful data brokering capability and visualisation tools, WAI2Go can help improve operational efficiencies when integrated with Building and Facility Management Services.

SmartNE has built a reputation for delivering imaginative products and technical excellence using this technology. Our clients value SmartNE because we understand their problems and can suggest innovative solutions that benefit their business.

Target Customers: Universities, large campus enterprises, towns, cities.

Success Factors: Customer meetings and engagements. Demonstrations. Orders!

Delivered: Initial customer meetings and engagements. Currently working on first customer orders.

Solution: CounterPath’s VoIP solutions for enterprises and small to medium businesses are scalable, secure and, most importantly, save businesses money! By switching or augmenting your current communication system to include VoIP, organizations can realize immediate benefits like increased productivity, greater communication flexibility and cost savings. Whether you are looking for an out of the box product or a fully customized solution, CounterPath has the expertise and know-how to get your business on the right track.

 CounterPath Enables Enterprises to:

  • Offer employees and customers a more collaborative, efficient, and secure way to communicate anytime, anywhere, on any device, on any network.
  • Deploy cross-platform, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies that work on over 90% of mobile devices.
  • Allow IT managers to securely access, provision and manage Unified Communications (UC) clients from one convenient interface and adopt Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) frameworks.
  • Lower costs by integrating upgradable UC clients instead of desk phones, reducing reimbursements to employees for mobile charges, and avoiding expensive international mobile calls.
  • Apply branding, adjust settings and interfaces, and customize clients so enterprises achieve the high-quality user experience and functionality they require.

Target Customers: All types of carriers and ISP’s who carried voice as a part of a larger solution.

Success Factors: Managed the European Sales team and recruited to it. Managed forecast and business for Europe and S Africa.

Delivered: Won new business in UK and S. Africa as well as Middle East.

Solution: iCONX’s solutions enable telcos to understand, manage, and maximise their wholesale business activities. Our market-leading software provides complete control and visibility over wholesale, interconnect and routing operations resulting in enhanced margins and profitability.

Target Customers: Wholesale voice, data and SMS carriers.

Success Factors: Winning business with customers.

Delivered: RFP opportunities with BT Ireland, BT, Teo, HGC and positioning iCONX with a small list of real opportunities. Still working on a range of opportunities here.

Solution: We call this our “ Through  the  Eyes  of  the  Customer ”  programme  that  can monitor  the  quality  of  the  delivered  broadband  experience  for any  customer,  anywhere  in  the  world,  whether  connected  by DSL,  FTTH,  WiFi,  3G  or  4G,  whether  home  based,  on  the  move  or in business.

What Nova QX does: Nova QX goes beyond just measure ment of bits and bytes or local connection speeds for providing network service assurance. NovaQX manages end to end network service assurance including the delivery of the most popular social madia and multimedia services as well as gaming, VoIP and quality of connections to destinations all over the world.

Target Customers: Fixed and mobile Carriers, ISP’s, Large Enterprises.

Success Factors: Trials and network deployments of Nova QX in networks.

Delivered: Customer meetings. Demonstrations and trials of probes in two networks to date. On going engagement.

Solution: Cosine developed, marketed and sold a communications platform designed to enable network service providers to rapidly deliver computer applications and communications services from within their networks.

Examples include:

  • Virtual private networks, which are secure private networks that run on the internet and other communications networks
  • Firewalls, which are security programs designed to prevent unwanted network traffic
  • Secure broadband access, which is secure high-speed access to the Internet and other communications networks.

Target Customers: ISP’s, Carriers in Northern Europe.

Success Factors: Development of business, manage contracts and ultimately close down the European business.

Delivered: New orders for Telia Sonera and then passed over support to support company. Managed reduction in size of company over time before finally closing Cosine Europe!

Solution: Hyperchip’s carrier-class PBR-1280 Core IP System extends in-service from a single to multi-chassis system supporting more than 65,000 ports – all the while being viewed and operated as a single system. The high port-counts achievable within a single, logical PBR-1280 Core IP System, combined with a distributed software processing architecture, gives carriers the reliability and scalability essential in providing high value-added services. The product brings carriers the flexibility to tailor routing functionality for specific networking requirements – streamlining infrastructures and bringing substantial cost reductions to IP networks.

Target Customers: Targeting Tier 1 carriers in Europe, mainly BT with 21CN at that time and other operators.

Success Factors: Won trial with BT and full testing of solution which resulted in Juniper redesigning its quality of service solution as we outshone theme completely in trials.

Delivered: A trial with BT and partnership with Marconi/Ericsson for delivery to BT 21CN if they won.

Solution: Wave7 Optics is the industry leader in optical broadband access systems, with an expanding Fiber-to-thePremise (FTTP) product portfolio featuring a variety of architectural options, based on IP and Ethernet standards for triple-play voice, video and data services. The company’s universal access platform Trident7TM and Last Mile LinkTM systems are rapidly gaining market share around the world with service providers in the IOC, CLEC, cable MSO, municipal, utilities and real estate development categories.

Target Customers: Access carriers in UK and Northern Europe.

Success Factors: Customer development and trial deployments.

Delivered: Meetings and presentations with potential customers, but unfortunately left the role before achieving sales. There was an economic issue in the market at the time where alternative carriers e.g. NTL/Virgin were not investing in new access networks which meant that BT stayed on its existing ADSL trajectory.

Solution: HeyWire provides the LiveText messaging channel that today’s customers prefer, and businesses need in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. HeyWire’s award-winning solutions for Salesforce-powered businesses directly connect customers to brands by LiveText-enabling existing 1-800 and business phone numbers.

Available in the AppExchange, these solutions support conversational text messaging, either initiated by the customer or business, from start to completion. HeyWire’s proven full-stack, messaging cloud solution supports both SMS and other mobile messaging formats, and has delivered 8 billion messages and counting.

Target Customers: The main objective here was to find Heywire a partner operator in Europe for terminating its text based messages to fixed phones. There were limited opportunities here – BT, Gamma, Colt, 3 and one or two others.

Success Factors: Achieved meetings and on-going discussion with all potential partners..

Delivered: Succeeded in delivering a partner for Heywire – Colt, and product launched on back of this. Company subsequently acquired by Salesforce

Solution: GoS 360° is a powerful software solution that enables Network Operators to monitor and control user experience and traffic. It extends policy control solutions directly to smart connected devices, enabling Network Operators to offer true end-to-end policy control solutions.

Target Customers: Mobile operators and device manufacturers

Success Factors: Awareness and sales to partners and mobile operators of the GoS 360 application.

Delivered: Successful trials to Telefonica, KPN and Vodafone. Generated partnership discussions with Samsung and Amdocs. Company still trading but in a smaller format.

Solution: The provision of a WebRTC as well as “standard VoIP” unified communications application for use in enterprise networks

Target Customers: Carriers and ISP’s

Success Factors: Trials and sales of solution to customer base. Awareness activities across target base and potential partners.

Delivered: Trial to Colt Telecom. Company was bought by Comverge and changed direction.

Solution: Adopting UM-Labs R&D 21st Century Innovation in Cyber Security will allow for true encrypted security on all Real-Time Communications, inclusive of UC and Internet of Things (IOT) and provide integration across the entire business, with no added capital cost.

Target Customers: Carriers, ISP’s, Large Enterprise offering real time communications capabilities that need to be secured at many levels.

Success Factors: Creating awareness amongst operators, ISP’s and enterprise organisations.

Delivered: Work In progress