What we do

Wherever you have a need for electrical power to be delivered in a safe, timely and cost effective way, Digitizelectric is there to provide a solution. Take a look at some of the case study ideas.

Delivering power safely to remote sites:

  • Holiday resorts
  • Camping sites
  • Home offices
  • Garden buildings
  • Educational Buildings
  • Lodges
  • Hotel cabins in grounds
  • Telemetry
  • Solar power

Security solutions with battery backup

  • Delivering overlay power for critical security situations
  • Delivering power with battery back up if power source is interrupted to ensure security solutions remain active. This is also useful for different markets such as:
    • Healthcare
    • Finance industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Food industry
    • Water industry

Delivering multiple services over one cable:

Where WiFi, Broadband, CCTV and power are required at a remote location, all this can be delivered over one multi-core cable.

Farming and horticulture solutions:

  • Power provision for lighting in greenhouses
  • Lighting control
  • Safe power in environments where water is present
  • Cost effective delivery of power to different greenhouses
  • Power provision for farm buildings and critical equipment
  • Power for remote farm sites

Large building, building sites and warehouse solutions:

  • Power of lighting in warehouses cost effectively and in a controlled way
  • Delivery of different solutions over same cable – power, WiFi, CCTV