Digitizelectric is a UK based company set up to bring a new way of delivering electricity, to the UK market.

What is Digitizelectric?

Digitizelectric uses unique technology developed in the USA to enable the delivery of electrical power for a range of requirements and locations in a digital and extremely safe way, where traditional power solutions always carry a risk. That risk has to be mitigated through the used of amour plated cabling, deep dug trenches, fuses and other safety solutions which add significantly to their cost. The Digitizelectric solution needs none of these.

The Digitizelectric power solution is based on imported US technology from VoltServer. The technology combines energy and data into energy packets and transfers hundreds of packets each second from a transmitter unit to a receiver unit. The transmitter verifies the transfer of each packet. If there is improper wiring, a short circuit, or a person is touching the transmission lines, the transmitter recognizes the condition in 0.003 seconds and will not send any more energy packets. The result is touch-safe electrical transmission at high power levels and an inherent ability to digitally control a host of modern electronic devices connected to the distribution system.

Our Solution

The solution is therefore an excellent choice for use in a whole host of projects where electrical power is required to be delivered cost effectively, safely and in a timely manner.

There is no longer a need to wait for the local power company to come to do your installation with the time and cost that this implies. Assuming you have the rights to do so, cabling can be shallow dug (bare or in a cable tube), the transmitter shelf can be Ac or DC powered, located indoors or outdoors within a waterproof enclosure, the receivers are chosen to deliver the power in the right amount depending on the power requirements of the task in hand.

Please see the use cases …… for more ideas on how Digital Electricity can be utilized on your project.

For more information please contact hello@digitizelectric.com